6 Top Features of Apple iPad Pro 2024

iPad Pro 2024 is here to change the game of tablets and transfer its realm to another stage. With its cutting-edge technology, features, and powerful performance, this device is designed to be used as a sophisticated device, especially by designers. From display to chipset, this device is here to show us the future of technology. Now,  we will explore the top 6 features that have made it an excellent choice for designers and creative artists. After reading this article, you will be able to choose whether it is worth that amount of money or not!

1. ProMotion Technology: Crystal and Vivid

The Ultra Retina XDR Display is unique to this iPad. Its ProMotion Technology provides a 120 Hz refresh rate, which offers smooth scrolling and scene following. The true Tone and P3 wide color support improve the visual experience significantly, and images, videos, and graphical aesthetics are more vibrant and live.

2. Advance Chipset: Full Performance

The M4 chipset is the game changer in this generation. This new chipset allows you to run heavy tasks and applications due to its fast response and processing speed. With a large amount of RAM and storage, this device can easily handle the most demanding applications, like photo editing, video editing tasks, or even gaming. All these sophisticated chips are designed to be fitted into a handy, lightweight, and portable device.

3. Camera System: Capture All Details

The camera on this generation of iPads has been dramatically upgraded. The rear camera includes High-resolution sensors that allow you to take magnificent pictures and videos. Implementing a LiDAR Scanner enables you to experience Augmented Reality (AR), which is fascinating to have such a feature on a handy gadget. This equipment is imperative to enhance our experience using this iPad Pro 2024.

iPad Pro 2024

​4. Accessories and Compatibility: Apple Pencil 3

With the Apple Pencil Pro and its compatibility with this iPad, all graphic artists and designers can create whatever is in their mind on their screen. This Pencil Pro is highly responsive with this device. Another critical accessory is the Magic Keyboard. This will improve the functionality of this tablet and make it a perfect tool for productivity and creativity. In addition, iPad Pro 2024 is compatible with many other third-party gadgets to customize your experience.

5. Creative Capabilities: Digitalize Everything

Procreate is the application that all creatives will admire. This iPad Pro is capable of digital drawing and video editing software that takes full advantage of the hardware. Due to its advanced and innovative hardware and sensors, this tablet is also well-suited for augmented reality and virtual reality applications and tasks.

6. Fast Connection: Enjoy 5G Internet

This series of iPads features a 5G internet connection and Wi-Fi 6E to provide a faster, more reliable, and stronger connection. Designers and creative artists need to be connected to download and upload all the data they want, and with this advanced internet and Wi-Fi connection technology, they will stay connected as fast as possible.


In conclusion, if you are an artist and want to have a handy device everywhere and you want to enhance the quality of your art, this iPad Pro 2024 will be your first companion. This device can handle super consuming and complex tasks, which enables you to be as creative as needed, and with its small size, you can have it in your bag.  Compared with the Samsung Tab S9 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, the iPad Pro 2024 offers superior performance in every task, incredibly demanding. Finally, we can decide whether this iPad is worth the amount of money to be spent.