Our story so far.

Green Lion was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing an affordable solution for electronic accessories without compromising quality or technology. Green Lion delivers thousands of products in a variety of categories all over the world.


​The Brand

Green Lion is a leading accessory manufacturing brand equipped with a technologically advanced production system adopting sophisticated details with a strong base to elevate the concepts and ideas in the product models. Since 2019, Green Lion is always curious to figure out the real-time consumer needs and to suggest the best available solution in the accessory industry. Our special focus is on the best quality mobile accessories including chargers and cables, Power sockets, power banks and so on

Do we have high-quality products?

Green Lion makes relentlessly high-quality products that have been over-engineered to address the real requirement in the accessory industry. Each product is designed to leverage the maximum functionality, performance, and style. We sourced raw materials from different parts of the world to ensure the durability and standard of the product.

What makes our products unique?

Green Lion’s products seamlessly fit into the customer’s personal world. Everything we offer from our premium mobile accessories to small home appliances are built-in high-quality durable materials sourced from different parts of the world.

What makes us trustable?

Green Lion Brand always Delivers on its promises and stays true to its values. Our Products have been crafted with the latest technology to amaze you in most details. We Can Provide an excellent customer service experience because we know exactly what you need from a product.

What do we care?

Understanding the consumer requirements. Green Lion believes in providing the optimum benefits to the customers considering design, style, and best performance.