Green Wireless Magnetic Car Charger / Mount 15W ( Air Vent + Stick-on-Holder ) – White

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Green Wireless Magnetic Car Charger

Green Lion Wireless Car Charger comes with magnetic wireless charging technology. Imagine that you want to go somewhere for the first time and you need to follow one specific direction through the map on your phone and you have to look at it over and over to not be lost in the way. This product gives you the best visibility of your screen plus you know that without any doubt whenever you put your phone here is going to be charged in the fast wireless charging mode. There is an air vent that you can place anywhere on your car dashboard. This wireless charger can support 15W/7.5W/10W. you don’t need to do anything special, except just take your phone close to the car charger, and because of its magnets, it will attach as hard as it can. Its design is a way to doesn’t put any scratches on your phone. Also, it has Anti-Slip ability which plus its power full magnets can ensure you that nothing is going to happen to your phone.

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