Green Lion Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle 600ml / 21oz ( 2 Caps ) – Red

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Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel

You and your children can stay hydrated with an insulated green water bottle. Made of stainless steel with chrome to keep the water cold longer. It has a handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere, 600ml / 21oz (2 Capsules) with Handle and Non-Slip Base Smudge-Resistant Stylish Electroplating Anti-condensation Rope Cap Design Premium Quality Leak-Proof Sports Drink Bottle, It contains two heads that cover (a head with a straw and a head to drink without a straw) whichever suits your need. Enjoy cold and refreshing water during the summer and keep your drinks hot for a long time in the winter through the practical and wonderful green atomizer. It has a large capacity of 600 ml and is thermally insulated, so it keeps the temperature of the liquids inside for 12 hours, and it has many advantages, Contains two caps (a head with a straw for a drink and a head for drinking without a straw) whichever suits your need, The flask is isolated from the outside heat, so it keeps the temperature of the liquids inside for up to 12 hours, Designed to be airtight thanks to a perfect lid that prevents leakage, Equipped with a handle that enables you to carry the case with ease.

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