Green Smart Bakhour Mini Portable Incense Burner with Light – Black

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Green Lion Smart Bakhour

Enjoy without noise, allowing you to taste fragrance in silence with this Smart portable Bakhour burner with light, The smell of the original incense is preserved for a longer time. Your trick is to add a little shimmer and add a little magical fragrance. Can be used indoor aroma, temple, worship, hand-held, home. Beautifully packaged, it is the best choice for sending loved ones and friends. It’s small and portable you can take it wherever you want, and you do not have to wait long to get the smell because this incense burns instantly. In the quiet late night, turn on the incense burner, you can change the color of the light with one button, and it is accompanied by the comfortable fragrance. Electronic Incense Burner Rechargeable – Bukhoor USB Power Charge. Incense Burner is made of high-quality to prevent clogging and ensure longer service life. Incense burner Aromatherapy ignition is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element.  It has an Efficient purification ability, quiet and comfortable work performance quickly purifies the air to remove harmful substances in the air and give everyone fresh air. With this product, your whole car will be Cleaned with air anion purification.

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