Green Lion Matt Magsafe 2 Anti-Scratch Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max ( 6.7″ )

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The Green Lion Matte Magsafe 2 is the best premium phone case on the market that is worth buying. As standard, all Green Lion products are extremely durable so don’t expect to see any scratches when you drop your phone with this case, as it has a magnetic suction and an alloy metal frame


This phone case is not just extremely durable and performance, It has a flexible and soft base that compliments its smooth touch screen feel, a feature that is often neglected in the phone accessory industry.

Ultra-thin TPU Material

The base material of this phone case is ultra thin TPU material which is is slightly softer and more flexible (but still not as soft as silicone and rubber) compared to the rigid and tough standard PC material.

Silky Smooth Touch Screen

The sensitivity and touch feeling is silky smooth like no other. It is common to find extremely durable phone cases but lack in designing a perfect and smooth touch screen feeling. The Green Lion Matte Magsafe 2 has both covered.

Solid Alloy Metal Frame

This phone has an alloy metal frame, it is often utilized for aesthetic elements with higher strength requirements, such as those for automobiles, as well as applications where high corrosion resistance and good durability.

Super Magnetic Suction

Within the phone case lies a super magnetic suction, which acts as an anti-slip feature that will offer a secure grip for your cellphone to ensure extra measures in protecting your phone from dropping and scratching. 

Compatible with Latest Apple Phones

This phone case fits in iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Black, Blue, Gold, Green

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