Green Lion Dual USB Port Wall Charger 12W UK with Type-C Cable 1.2M – Black

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Green Lion Dual Port USB-C Wall Charger

Green Lion Dual USB-A Adapter comes with 12W Power Delivery. The Plug shape for this wall charger is a 3pin UK plug. Notice that the charging time is dependent on your device usage. You can bring this handy wall charger with yourself anywhere that you want. Don’t get confused about making space for this product, because you won’t feel it at all. This product has been designed to be as compact as possible. use this compact, functional wall charger to charge your devices more efficiently. The Green Lion wall charger has been designed in a specific way to protect your device from any harmful damage. With this wall charger, you won’t be worried about anything including overvoltage, overheating, and overcharging. you can trust this product one hundred percent and be sure that nothing goes wrong during the charging process. This wall charger can charge your device in fast charging mode. You can charge your phone in a sufficient time. You can save a lot of time while your phone is going to be charged in a fast and secure mode. With the Two USB-A PD ports You can charge two devices simultaneously at the same time.

USB Type-C Cable 

You can find an USB-A to Type-C cable with this wall charger. the material of this cable is PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is widely used in electrical cable construction for insulation, bedding and sheathing. It was the 1950s when PVC started to replace rubber insulated and sheathed cables in general household wiring due to its ease of processing. The length of this cable is 1.2m, 3.9ft.

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