Green Belfast Multifunctional LED – White

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Green Lion Belfast Multifunctional LED

Green Lion Belfast Multifunctional LED is one of the extraordinary gadgets that Green lion has ever made. You will get a soft light with this product. This LED has two different lights Bright White Effect and Blue-Ray. You can change these colors by touching this LED. It is so simple, just touch it and change the light. You can hang this LED from your car’s roof or you can put it in your room to make a fancy atmosphere. This LED has built-in battery and whenever you want you can charge it with the USB connection.  The specific shape of this LED will make it more functional in the spreading of the light you can change the color just by touching it. After you touch or with a simple tap you can change the color from Bright to Blue-Ray or from Blue-Ray to Bright. The faded point about this LED is that everyone thinks that they can just use it in the car but the fact is that you can use it in the most the places because it is portable, You can use it in the car, home, office, camping or any other places that you need light.

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