Green 720° Rotation Car Phone Holder – Black

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Green Lion 720° Rotation Car Phone Holder


Green Lion Car Phone Holder comes with the 720° Rotation. You can find This range of rotation in the few car phone holder. Green Lion company always manufactured products to act in the most functional way for you. This rare rotation lets you find the best angle that you want and you will have the best visibility of your phone screen. No Matter up or down, left or right, just fix the angle that you want. This holder is one of the car holders that you can use almost everywhere in the world cause being universal is one of this car holder’s features. The strong magnets that have been used in this holder, it is the reason for its strongness. You can rely on this holder to put your phone on this holder and be sure that it is not going to slip or fall down. If you want to drive safely you need to have full concentration. Imagine you need to go somewhere for the first time and you have the location on your phone and you want to follow what direction your map tells you. In fact in that case you need to look at your phone over and over to not lose the way. Without a car mount, you have to hold your phone, that is why you need to have a car mount to use its benefits.

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