Green Lion 3D Silicone HD Glass Screen Protector – Clear

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This screen protector is made out of the high-definition glass with silicone edges that add proper coverage, with each side taken care of and not blocking the screen. 

The glass is a 9H hardness level, which prevents scratches from having an effect on this protector, the glass has a super-explosion-proof feature that complies with safety standards. The glass is not just durable, it is designed to provide high clarity with an anti-static smudge-free coated surface for the ultimate viewing experience. 

The screen protector is coated to be waterproof and prevent fingerprints from creating friction, Green Lion considers a smooth and sensitive screen a priority as it maintains a natural sensation.



  • Silicone Edge
  • 9H Hardness Glass
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • Anti-Explosion
  • Water and Sweatproof
  • Sensitive Touch Screen
  • High-Clarity Glass


  • Brand: Green Lion
  • Product: Green Lion 3D Silicone HD Glass Screen Protector – Clear
  • Category: Screen Protector
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black Edge / Clear
  • Special Features: Scratch and Damage Protection
  • Glass Hardness Level: 9H

iPhone 14Max, iPhone14, iPhone14pro, iPhone14ProMax

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